Welcome to the web site of the Guest House Dar Mhamid.

Located at the end of the main street of the village, Dar Mhamid open its  doors and invites you in a cosy, peaceful and friendly place.

Appart the hospitality and the board Dar Mhamid offers also the experience of the desert with excursions, treckings and walkabout : a unique adventure for all Sahara Lovers.

This very special Guest House is born in 2011 from Omar’s desire. Since then, he continues to build his dream, innovating the space, staying tuned with the wishes of his clients, paying attention to the details that make this spot so particular. Omar has in fact chosen to keep a style tied up with the local heritage, remembering those of the ancients kasbah of the region, made of earth and strow, with a simple and delicate design.

Dar Mhamid style is appreciated by its bas-relief decorations, the choice of the colors and the ceramiques, the soothing atmosphere of its four rooms and of the shared areas, with carpets and cushion where to lounge, low tables and sofas. A terrasse with a small fountain where birds come to drink in the early morning and two earth tents for travellers that are used to open air.Indolence, calm, reading and well-living, here you are in the core of the village with its inhabitants and so near to the huge stretch of sand.

Nomade in his childhood, Omar settles in M’Hamid village with his family when living in the desert had really became difficult because of the drought and the lack of water. Politics economies and climate changes have inevitable outcomes, and the result is a changeover to a tourism based economy. After his studies and a long experience in the field, where he has worked in the campsites and leaded caravans, today Omar is happy to manage his own activity and pleased to share his knowledge and skills and to let you discover the nomadic life.

In a spirit of sharing and respect towards people and environnement, Dar Mhamid suggest several ways to come to know the desert of the south East of Morocco. According to your wish and your disposal of time, you could choose several days excursions or of few hours, by foot, with camels or with 4×4. You’ll get to know vast extents, silence, other rythmes, oasis, hamada, different vegetations and fauna. You could sleep in a bivouac under the stars or in a tent of the camp near the dunes. Desert nights are made by the immensity of the sky, the fire crackling, a glass of tea, story telling, frugal and tasty dishes, music and nomadic chants, waiting the sunrise.